How to extend niche sports to mainstream school?

Sports are not only competitions but also sporting events or shows.

The existence of sport depends on its spectacular, which is a powerful factor in attracting not only passive consumers (fans), but active participants in the process of physical culture and sports. Spectacular of any sporting event is caused by two main factors: the unpredictability of the result and the preservation of internal intrigue until the last minutes of the match.

Therefore, the main idea of raising media coverage is creating a good quality content of sports events. By doing this, the niche sports can attractive media broadcaster to buy their media rights which will make money for niche sports leagues.

Niche sports means there are not many fans and audiences following. For delivering the niche sports awareness, the sports owners can start from being a sponsor instead of finding sponsors to extend their reputation.

The OTT platforms and social medias are becoming the mainstream of watching habits of audience. Thus, utilizing these platforms efficiency is a way to bring audience and raising media coverage.

To sum up, the main factors in sports marketing are sports leagues, fans, sponsorship and media rights. To what extent of utilization these resources is the key points to lead a niche sport to be a mainstream sport.


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