How to increase your Instagram engagement rate?

Instagram is a social place to post graphics and new ideas for most of the young generation. There are more than 1 Billion accounts which are active every single month. And 80 Percent of accounts follow a business on Instagram.

Why do people love Instagram so much? I think there are three reasons to explain it. Connect Passions, Immerse Visually and Spark Exploration.

Why businesses love Instagram? From major brands to mom-and-pop shops, businesses around the world are driving proven results with Instagram. Because as a brand, you can tap into people’s passions to create deeper relationships with your business online and off. Also, tell your story using unique creative tools and immersive formats that inspire action. Moreover, you can connect to new customers and strengthen relationships with existing ones.

Increase Your Instagram Engagement in 4 Easy Steps

1. Engage with similar accounts in your industry or niche every day

Before publishing your next photo on Instagram, other accounts will be posting for some moment to participate with the content: specifically, accounts comparable to yours that are part of your niche. The basic rule of Instagram is that engagement feeds engagement. Before to increase the engagement, you must let other people seeing you. Therefore, to engage with the accounts which are similar as you is a chance to let you to be seen.

2. Engage with content directly before and after you post

The first hour since you’ve posted is quite important! A lot of engagement straight away means the Instagram algorithm recognizes that post is something that is likely to be interesting to a lot of your followers, causing the post to appear higher up in more of your followers feeds.The first hour since you’ve posted is quite important! This will improve the opportunity that individuals will visit your profile, enjoy your latest post within the first hour of posting, and thus boost the visibility of your messages on the platform.

3. Use long-tail, strategically selected hashtags

Long-tail hashtags are specific and detailed, which means they more accurately reflect the context of your post. Say if you post a birthday cake that you may use hashtags like #birthdaycake #birthdaygirl #birthdayboy #celebration. However, you can also mixup the hashtag as a long-tail, like #birthdaycakeforme. They are pretty similar tags, but the latter (the long-tail) has way fewer associated posts, which means your content is more likely to be discovered and liked or commented on.

4. Write better captions

A good caption will provide a context for your photographs, express personality and engage your audience. In a number of distinct ways you can approach your caption: it can be a lengthy, thorough caption telling a tale. It can be a brief and point caption enhancing the picture and providing a ‘ take ‘ on the picture or extra context. It can be severe and thought-provoking.


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