Top 3 Reasons to Love About SEMrush

There are many SEO tools in the market, why I love SEMrush so much?

If content is king, keyword strategy is queen.

Point 1: SEMrush SEO tool provide you a complete package to help you figure out the best SEO keywords and get a higher ranking. With SEMrush Organic Research data, you can gain insights into your competitors’ organic content strategy:

  • you can track competitors’ keyword rankings and you will see all their searched terms grouped according to the domain’s position in Google’s top 20 organic search results.
  • Estimate the value of keywords, including traffic, search volume, estimate of CPC, competition, the number of search results, and trend.
  • See competitors’ landing pages displayed and know what the keyword groups they are using.

Point 2: Also you can analysis you and your competitors’ website traffic by SEMrush.

The SEMrush Organic Competitors Report lists domains your website is competing against in the Google top 20. By viewing such metrics as competition level, natural traffic per website, and domains’ common keywords, you will see where you are winning and if there are gaps to fill. I know that you do want to spy on your competitors, I find this tool the most accurate and easy to understand.

Here you can find out:

  1. Keywords – top keywords that your competitors are ranking for
  2. Position – the ranking of keywords in SERP
  3. Volume – estimated monthly traffic of those keywords
  4. CPC – the average price of a click if advertised based on those keywords
  5. URL – web page generating traffic
  6. Traffic – average percentage
  7. Costs % – the estimated price of the given keyword in Google AdWords for the specified period
  8. Competitive density – the density of advertisers using the given term for their ads. One means the highest competition
  9. Results – the number of URLs displayed in organic search results for the given keyword
  10. Trend – the interest of searchers in the given keyword during the last 12 months
  11. SERP source – a snapshot of the search engine results page for the given keyword

Point 3: Better advertising research is possible.

You can analyze сompetitor ad budgets and keywords. Budgeting is one of the most important parts of building a PPC strategy. It’s not always easy to understand how much you need to allocate for your paid search activities. If you have ever struggled to decide on the right budget distribution, SEMrush will come to your rescue!

Here you can use SEMrush to do:

  1. Analyze сompetitor ad budgets and keywords
  2. Monitor ad copy and landing pages
  3. Discover New Competitors in Google Ads
  4. Localize Your Ad Campaigns

In the digital era, to get your website content better can improve your traffic and gain the leads in your list! Utilize SEO tool to plan your content and deliver useful information to audience is the way to help your business and service! Let’s start to do it now!



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